Q: What does AmeriTAX Mediation Group do?

A: AmeriTAX Mediation Group is the Nation's #1 choice for tax relief. If you are receiving certified mail from the IRS, have a wage garnishment, bank levy, un-filed tax returns, or any other IRS or state tax issues we can help.

Q: Who qualifies for a tax relief program?

A: From the individual taxpayer to the small business, almost everyone will qualify for some form of relief.

Q: Can I speak to someone regarding my tax issue now?

A: Yes! Just call 1-800-931-0014. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 6AM-6PM PST and our on-line application is available 24 hours a day. Just fill out the form and a tax strategist will contact you as soon as possible.

Q: What if I have years of un-filed tax returns?

A: We assist many clients who haven't filed taxes in years. In many cases we can greatly reduce the large penalties and interest fees that have accrued over the years making them up to date on their taxes.

Q: How long does it take for my tax issues to be resolved?

A: Because the specifics of each case are so different, resolution can range from one week to six months. If you have time sensitive issues, make sure and tell your assigned tax strategist as they can tailor a program to specifically suit your needs.

Q: Will the IRS continue collecting once I'm represented?

A: When you decide to take advantage of our services collection activity will usually stop, and most correspondence and telephone calls are directed through our office, freeing your time. Once your case is accepted and settled out, tax liens, IRS debt and impending collection action will no longer be a nuisance. You will get a fresh start!

Q: Is it "Guaranteed"?

A: The IRS uses specific formulas and guidelines to evaluate relief based on the national standard index of living. If applied for per their guidelines, resolution is quick and exact. AmeriTAX Mediation Group bases each case on an individual analysis of the national standard index as it currently exists, relying on the information our clients provide as the basis for relief. Because of this, we're able to accurately forecast the best case scenario for our clients.

Q: Do you have attorneys?
A: Yes. Our hard working team includes highly trained tax attorneys educated with the most current tax laws, regulations and codes. They know how to negotiate with the IRS and state to get your tax problems solved as favorably and efficiently as possible.

Q: Can I use my local CPA or tax attorney?

A: Yes. But the average CPA or Tax Attorney does just one or two resolution cases a year and charges by the hour. We do 150-200 cases each month and charge by the case. Because of this, we're able to achieve superior results at a fraction of the cost of local CPAs or tax attorneys.

Q: How does the process work?

A: Our staff of tax professionals has spent years perfecting the art of being able to achieve superior results in a fraction of the time while still giving you the individual attention you deserve. We begin the process by assigning each case a team of tax professionals who will work on your case from beginning to end utilizing our proven work-flow system and world class customer service. Our attorneys and case managers know the current tax code and know your rights as a taxpayer. Once a personalized case strategy is charted out we redirect most correspondence with the IRS through our office and continue to negotiate with the IRS until your case is settled.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Unlike expensive CPA's or Tax Attorneys who charge by the hour, we charge a simple, one time, flat fee for each case. That means no per-call charges or hidden fees like "cheaper" services. As each case varies in complexity, fees will vary accordingly.

Q: What options are available?

A: Many of our clients will qualify for a relief program called an Offer in Compromise (you owe the tax, but you cannot pay the entire amount.). This option can settle debt for a fraction of what was originally owed. Otherwise, we can enforce one of many other options for the individual and small business which will challenge and eliminate penalties and interest, lift liens off of property, stop Wage Garnishment and release Bank Levy. We can also negotiate an affordable Payment Plan.